Philosophy & Vision

The ministry coordinators we partner with serve where there is very little Christian presence and people are living in utter poverty and ignorance. They share the love of Jesus, disciple emerging leaders, serve the community to improve their quality of life and transform them through a holistic ministry approach. Our desire is to be present in our communities as good examples of the Agape love of Christ that has enjoined us to love and serve others just as He loved us.

Today we partner with more than 1,000 ministry coordinators working with 50+ organizations. We are grateful to God for peoples and communities that are being transformed – socially, economically and spiritually.

Our philosophy for reaching the lost in these areas include:

  • Establish (strengthen) the community of believers:

We partner with more than one thousand ministry coordinators, helping them to proclaim God’s love and to disciple their members through the foundations of Christian faith.

  • Equip Leaders:

We help to provide discipleship training for believers, as well as leadership training for pastors, lay leaders and ministry coordinators including women.

  • Empower the Poor:

We support education for poor, unschooled children in the South Asia region through scholarships which cover the fees for uniforms, educational materials, mid-day meals etc. Our team also provides other community services such as AIDS awareness campaigns, disaster relief, micro-enterprise training programs, women empowerment, slum development, medical clinics, camps, etc.

Our South Asian ministry partners serve in more than 200 least-reached districts and among 212 unreached people groups with populations ranging between 25 thousand to 7.8 million people.